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Baltimore City Services Directory

If you're not sure which agency to call for assistance - contact the City's One Call Center by dialing 311 or (443) 263-2220. The Municipal Telephone Exchange is responsible for the Baltimore City Government’s communications systems, including the operation of the CENTREX '396' , '545' network. For Information call (410) 396-3100.

Animal Matters

Service Phone Number
To obtain a dog license (410) 361-9690
To find out about animal bites or animal complaints 311
To request pickup of dead animals 311
Unwanted animals 311
To obtain traps for stray or wild animals 311
To obtain assistance with rodent problems 311
Municipal Animal Shelter - 301 Stockholm Street (410) 396-4688

Children and Youth Services

Service Phone Number
BrightSTARTS workshops for Children (410) 396-4575
To receive health services at Healthy Teens Young Adults Center (410) 396-0353
To locate employment preparation programs for schools dropouts (Youth Opportunities) (410) 396-JOBS
To become involved in City's Youth Council (410) 396-5411
To find summer jobs and career preparation programs for in-school youth (CommonWealth) (410) 396-JOBS
To find out about arts and cultural activities for children (410) 396-4575
TTY or voice
Daycare (410) 396-7470
Head Start (410) 396-7415
To receive a Cultural Resource Guide (410) 396-4575
TTY or voice

Community Services

Service Phone Number
Public Service Center (24 hr. complaints) 311
Community Action Centers (410) 545-3016
To apply for grants for community events, call Baltimore NeighborGood Program (410) 752-8632
To find out about grants for community arts projects or for small cultural organizations (410) 752-8632
Bright StaARTS Program (410) 396-4641

Community Action Partnership

The mission of the Baltimore City Community Action Partnership is to be the local agency and advocate, which promotes new services and delivery systems that effectively: support human dignity and self-determination, promote self-sufficiency and provide opportunities for low-income families.

Service Phone Number
Southeast Community Action Center - 3411 Bank Street (410) 545-6512
Eastern Community Action Center - 1400 E. Federal Street  (410) 545-0136
Northwest District Community Action Center - 3939 Reisterstown Rd (443) 984-1384
Southern Community Action Center - 606 Cherry Hill Road (410) 545- 0900
Northern Community Action Center - 5225 York Road (410) 396-6084


Service Phone Number
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore's Public Library  (410) 396-5430
To contact the School Superintendent  (410) 396-8803
To find out about school closings, holiday schedule  (410) 396-8577 or
(410) 783-1800
Ext. 6912
To receive a Cultural Resource Guide  (410) 396-4575
TTY or voice
The Ripken Learning Center  (410) 752-3595
To find out about adult literacy or pre-employment training program  (410) 576-7323


Service Phone Number
The RUMOR CONTROL number is to obtain factual information on emergency situations. (410) 396-1188
To receive assistance from medical, fire or Police personnel for an immediate life threatening situation 911
To report Child Abuse/Neglect (410) 361-2235
Housing and Resource Center (HRC) 443-478-3777
Homeless and seeking temporary shelter (410) 443-8145
24 hr:
(888) 817-4355
Gas Leak (410) 685-0123
First Call for Help (410) 685-0525
Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222
Public Assistance (410) 361-4600
Sexual Assault Hotline (410) 828-6390
Domestic Violence Hotline (410) 889-7884
Clogged Storm Drains, flooding, open fire hydrant, water service or sewer complaints and other water related matters (24 hrs.) NOTE: Baltimore County residents should call (410) 396-5352. 311
Crisis Centers: East: (410) 396-4433
West: (410) 396-0260
Food Assistance (410) 396-6606
Weather-related (ALL) (410) 545-NEED
Snow Removal 311


Service Phone Number
AIDS - Information (410) 945-AIDS
To get information on drug treatment (410) 637-1900
To test your child for free for lead (443) 984-2480
To find out where and when free Immunizations for children are given (410) 396-4454
To report School health complaints (asbestos, bad water, head lice, lead, mold, or pests) 311
To report environmental health complaints (workplace or residential conditions, hazardous waste, sewage, or water quality) 311
To report a complaint about a food facility or food-borne illness 311
To receive referral for mental health problems (410) 837-2647
To obtain medical information on lead poisoning (443) 984-2480
To obtain information on other health services (410) 396-4398
Tobacco Control Hotline (to report violations of minors' access laws) (410) 361-9766

Housing Services

Service Phone Number
To obtain information on lead abatement (443) 984-1613
Homeownership (410) 396-3124
Real Property Tax Account information  
Homeownership (410) 396-3124
Housing Application Office (Public Housing Section 8) (410) 396-4052
Housing Violations and Vacant Buildings 311
Housing Permits & Code Enforcement  
Housing for Seniors (410) 396-3241
Office of Home Energy -
2700 N. Charles Street
(410) 396-5555
Weatherization Assistance Program -
417 E. Fayette Street
(443) 984-1066
Owner of Property (410) 396-3634
Property Tax Billing (410) 396-3987
Vacant House Loan Program (410) 528-8457
Water Bills (410) 396-5398

Motor Vehicles

Service Phone Number
To report abandoned vehicles 311
City impound lot - towed vehicles (410) 396-9958
To request information on parking fines
Frequently Asked Questions - Parking Fines Unit
Check the status of your violations online
(410) 396-4080
Carpooling Information (410) 396-POOL
To report problems with traffic signs or traffic signals 311
To report a missing or faded traffic or parking sign 311
To report a parking complaint 311
To apply for or renew your driver's license (410) 768-7000
To renew vehicle tags (410) 768-7000
To apply for a residential parking permit online (443) 573-2820 ext. 819 or 863

Parks and Recreation Services

Service Phone Number
To obtain a listing of Recreation Services (410) 396-7000
For other information regarding Recreation and Parks Service (410) 396-7459
Forestry 311
Park Maintenance 311


Service Phone Number
To apply for General Services Permits (410) 396-3704
To apply for Special Events Permits (410) 396-3704
To obtain City Public Works Permits (410) 396-6865
To obtain Food Permits or vendor license (410) 396-3787
To obtain Park Permits (410) 396-7946
Building Permits & Code Enforcement (410) 396-3360
To inquire about Residential Parking Permits (443) 573-2800
To obtain Waste Hauler permits (410) 396-4428
To apply for Ridesharing permits (410) 396-POOL
To obtain a permit to use public parks for events (410) 396-7946


Service Phone Number
Online Bulk Trash Service Request Form  
To request assistance with a community clean up (410) 396-1209
To inquire about residential trash collection, street and alley cleaning, bulk trash removal, etc. 311
To obtain information or a listing of recycling days in your neighborhood 311
To have graffiti removed from public areas 311
Sanitation enforcement 311
Rat Rub Out 311
Environmental Crimes Unit, to report illegal dumping (410) 396-4707

Senior Citizen Services

Service Phone Number
To participate in volunteer activities  (410) 396-4932
To obtain a senior companion for frail elderly  (410) 396-5247
To become a senior aide (410) 396-4486
To report abuse of a senior citizen   (410) 361-5000
To report complaints about nursing home care   (410) 396-3144
TaxiCard program  (410) 664-1123
Housing for seniors   (410) 396-3225
To learn of other services for seniors (410) 396-2273
Additional Senior Services  

Street Repairs and Services

Service Phone Number
View list of currently closed roads for repair  
To report Complaints about Alleys, Side-walks and Roadways 311
To report potholes or dislodged/noisy steel plates 311
To request snow plowing, salting or salt boxes 311
To report street lighting problems 311


Service Phone Number
Look up Water Bill Information  
To obtain information about gas and electric bills (410) 685-0123
To request energy assistance (410) 396-5555
To obtain information about weatherization (410) 396-6046

Visitor Information

Service Phone Number
Visit Baltimore (410) 837-INFO
Dockmaster: visiting by water & security restrictions (410) 396-3174

Employment Information

Service Phone Number
Baltimore Workforce Investment Board  (410) 396-1910
Office of Employment Development (410) 396-3009
Minimum Wage (410) 396-4835
Living Wage (410) 396-4839
Prevailing Wage (410) 396-4839

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